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Unfortunately ordinary wikis cannot help if there are very different opinions about what should be written, because of the absence of any selection and thus the absence of a democratic way to find a common position of the group using the wiki. Sabotage is easily done while in fact there isn't an objective difference between sabotage and absolutely insisting on ones opinion or refusing another, which is of course a legitimate behaviour in a democratic process.

For this reason we should develop our own programme. Since it will in fact be so different >from common wikis we simply decide to call it Woki.

So here's a specification for the program which should be run on this side - still there's qualified personnel needed to make it real.

programmers of all countries unite!

specification (rich-text-format)
specification (html-format)

comments of any kind: kontakt@politik-werkstatt.det

12th of July 2016
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